Meet your Webmistress

In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d let my readers know who writes the stuff on this website.

My name is Denise Luhman, and I am the Resort Manager for Canada House Beach Club.

My first “encounter” with Canada House was in 1988, when I spent about 6 months working here as the Activities Director (“call me ‘Julie’!”) before my manager was replaced by someone who decided the Association couldn’t afford my position. (She was right, by the way…)

Fast-forward 9 years. In mid-1997, I began working as an independent contractor, doing secretarial and paralegal work. For nearly 5 years, Canada House was my biggest client, until February 2003 when they hired me away from myself to work here full time, and I’ve been here ever since.

When I came on staff here, I was the Administrative Assistant and Comptroller, responsible for everything to do with money coming in and going out, as well as owner records. About a year and a half later, I was also put in charge of the Front Desk and my title was changed to Administration Manager. In May 2005, the Building Manager (who was responsible for the maintenance and housekeeping departments) went on a four-day medical leave. When her leave was extended to two weeks, I was asked to cover for her and to make some policy changes in her departments. When another month was added, the decision was made to transfer her to another property within the management company, and combine the two managerial positions. I was then designated “Interim Manager” for a 90-day trial.

On September 29, 2005, I was officially named Resort Manager. Two and a half weeks later, I left for vacation and came back to find that Wilma had taken most of the roof of the three-story poolside building on the East side, along with a whole bunch of other stuff we really kind of needed. It took well over a year before we got the property back in shape, and since then we’ve been making improvements instead of just making repairs. You could say my first year and a half as manager here was a trial by fire (or, more accurately, trial by Wilma)… but during that time, we learned what we were made of, and came through it ready to shine!

Pictures of Wilma’s handiwork at Canada House can be found here, if you’re interested after all this time.

I used to say that if you’re an owner at Canada House, I was the person you needed to talk to about your maintenance and taxes, issues with your account or ownership, banking your week, etc. I always said, “If you don’t know who to ask, ask me — because if I don’t know, I’ll at least be able to point you in the right direction.” Unfortunately, because my duties changed so drastically when I became the Resort Manager, I no longer have the luxury of spending time “chatting” with owners like I used to. So these days, most of our owner calls get routed to our Administrative Assistant or the Bookkeeper. However, please note that as an owner, if you ever need to speak to me directly about something, all you need to do is tell the person answering the phone that you’re an owner who wants to speak to the manager, and I’ll make myself available for you. Alternately, you can also email me (see the contact page), as I always answer my own emails.

I am very big into “owner education”. I have found in the past eleven years that there are two kinds of timeshare owners — those that LOVE timeshare, and those that can’t stand it. And as a general rule, those who can’t stand it are the ones who don’t know how to use it. If you are one of these folks, please take some time to peruse our Timeshare 101 section.

I’ve said many times that I don’t sell timeshare, and it doesn’t matter to me who owns it (as long as they’re paying the maintenance)… so I have no ulterior motive when I say that I think timeshare is the neatest thing since sliced bread. But if you don’t know how to use it, you aren’t going to get anything out of it, and you aren’t going to enjoy it — any more than you’d enjoy your computer if you didn’t know how to turn it on.

So if you have questions about timeshare, or about Canada House, please browse this site. The whole purpose of the site is for the information and education of our owners and guests, so please relax and take some time to look around. And if there are any questions that haven’t been answered here, please feel free to contact us. After all, that’s what we’re here for! :o)

And if you have any comments about the website – good, bad, or indifferent – please feel free to send them to me using the feedback link at the top of every page. (This includes broken links!)

~ Denise