The Process

Having Canada House assist you in transferring the title of your unit/week?

Here’s the process:

  • Seller contacts the resort for a change of ownership request form, which will then be sent to the seller within 2-3 working days.
  • A title search will be run on the unit/week to make sure there’s nothing wonky that needs to be taken care of (sometimes we find an old lien that was never released, or an ancient mortgage that was never satisfied). Please be advised that this title search is NOT to advise you as to the condition of the title. It’s so that we can make sure it’s clear from our end, and that it stays clear when we transfer the title. Our title searches are not certified, and we cannot offer title insurance based on them.
  • The change of ownership request form will be sent out (usually by mail, although it can be faxed upon request). The form may be completed by either party and returned to us with payment for reimbursement of our costs (see prices). Please note that most of the information requested on this form relates to the buyer.
  • When we receive the request form and payment, a Quitclaim Deed will be prepared and sent to the seller to be signed, witnessed, and notarized. A return envelope (including postage if seller is inside the U.S.) is included.
  • After we receive the completed Deed, we will send it to the County to be recorded. This process takes about 6-8 weeks

Please note that we do not offer an escrow service in the traditional sense. We do not handle the financial part of the sale/transfer transaction in any way.

However… upon request, two additional steps can be added here:

o  When the completed Quitclaim Deed is received in our office, we will instruct the buyer to send payment to the seller.

o  When payment has been received (and the check has cleared), the seller will notify us that the Deed can now be recorded.

In this way, the buyer knows that the executed Deed is ready to be recorded, so the price of the sale will not be lost, and the seller knows that the Deed will not be recorded until payment has been received. IN ORDER TO ENSURE THAT THESE ADDITIONAL STEPS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PROCESS, THE WORD “ESCROW” MUST BE WRITTEN ON THE REQUEST FORM BEFORE IT IS RETURNED TO OUR OFFICE AND THE LEGAL PAPERWORK PREPARED. There is no additional charge for this service, but if we receive the request form without the word “ESCROW” written on it, we cannot guarantee that the additional steps won’t get missed!!

  • Once the County has recorded the paperwork and returned it to us, we will update our records as to ownership, make copies for our files, send a copy to the now-former owner, and send the original to the new owner.

Our costs include:

  • Title search
  • Preparation of paperwork
  • Filing fees
  • Document stamps
  • Copies
  • Postage

Our costs do not include:

  • Notary fees (if you have a bank account, your bank may offer this service for free)
  • Postage to send the change of ownership request form to us
  • Return postage from outside the U.S.