Title Transfers

Q. How can I change the ownership of my timeshare?
Like any other real estate, ownership of deeded timeshare must be changed in the public records of the county in which the property lies (in this case, Broward County, Florida). If a deed has already been recorded in the public records, simply forward a copy of it to us and we will update our files. 
Note: If you do your paperwork yourself or have your attorney handle it, please be sure that the entire, correct legal description of the property is included on the document. If it is not, the County may very well go ahead and record it, but we will not accept it for updating our records. If you are not sure about the legal description, please check your original deed or the public records of Broward County.

Q. Can you help me with recording a deed?
We can actually provide a form for you, which you can execute and return to us, and then we will record it in the public records. We do ask to be reimbursed for our costs. (See Form Types for a list of prices.)

Q. How do I get started?
A. Send us a letter, email, fax, or give us a call, and say you’d like to have a request form to change ownership. We will send you a letter asking for information that we need to complete your form. When you receive the letter, write in the information about the new owner, and return it to us (this is where you pay postage) with your payment. When you receive the form, complete it and send it back to us in the envelope we will provide. We will then send the form to the County to be recorded. After it has been returned to us, we will make copies for our files, change our records, send the original to the new owner, and send a copy to you for your files.