Owner to Owner

Although we aren’t allowed to get involved in sales, we are allowed to have a “bulletin board” type system to help current owners who want to buy reach current owners who want to sell, and vice-versa. Whether you are trying to buy or sell, you will find your form on this page.

Here are some questions I hear often, and the answers to those questions. Please keep in mind these answers are not negotiable.

Q. What is the cost for participating in the Owner to Owner program?
A. There is no charge for participating. We are merely maintaining a database. You will do all the work of finding a buyer/seller and negotiating a deal.

Q. How much does this owner want for the unit/week?
A. We don’t ask; we don’t care. The owner provides a telephone number on the form — please call and ask about the selling price. Most owners are willing to negotiate. The Association cannot be a part of that negotiation process.

Q. Will you sell my week for me if I give you a commission?
A. No. Sorry, but the Association (and its employees) really are NOT allowed to get involved in sales.

Q. Do you know anyone who wants to buy my week?
A. If you are interested in selling, please feel free to fill out our “Owner to Owner Resales” form. We will add your information to the database, and if someone who is interested in buying wants that particular location and timeframe, s/he will call you.

Q. What happens if a potential buyer sends a form in by mail, and a potential seller sends a form by fax? How will they ever get each other’s information?
A. The O2O information started out as a book, but it’s now actually kept in a database. Anytime we receive a new form, either for buying or selling, we run a query to see if there’s a match. If there is, we contact either the buyer or the seller (usually the person who sent in the newest form) and give them the other person’s information. That person can then take it from there, just as if he had gotten the information directly from the book himself. We still do not get involved in the actual negotiation or sale.

Q. But I really need your help in selling this unit/week!
A. If you feel you can’t sell the unit/week on your own, please contact someone who is a licensed Realtor to assist you. The Association and its agents are legally prohibited from brokering a sale, and none of us wants to get into legal trouble for the sale of a timeshare. No matter how much we like you. :o)

Q. Can I sign up for the Owner to Owner program if I don’t own at Canada House?
A. By definition, you must be a Canada House owner to sign up for the Owner to Owner program.

Q. After we negotiate a deal, how should we go about transferring the title to the property?
A. You can transfer the title yourself (inexpensive, but can be a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing), you can contact an attorney that is licensed to practice in Florida (simpler, but costly), or you can contact us and we will provide a forms service, whereby we will prepare the necessary forms to execute the transfer, and record them for you after they are signed and notarized. In return, we ask to be reimbursed for our costs. Please see the Title Transfer section for details.