Never Do This!

There’s really just one major point I want to make in this section. The Florida Bureau of Timeshare has said for years that, by far, their number one complaint comes from timeshare owners who have given someone money up front to sell their timeshare and never seen any results. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ANYBODY ANY MONEY UP FRONT TO SELL YOUR TIMESHARE. It doesn’t matter what they call it — a “listing fee”, an “advertising fee”, an “appraisal fee” (that’s a good one), “auction listing fee” — whatever its name is, it’s not a good idea. I won’t tell you that no one has ever sold their timeshare through a company that charges up front. I don’t know that for a fact. What I will tell you is that I’ve had literally scores of people tell me, over the 11+ years I’ve been working with Canada House and other timeshares, that they gave somebody money up front to sell their timeshare and had no success. I have NEVER ONCE had anyone call and tell me that they gave someone money up front and then DID sell their timeshare. (And if you’re thinking of calling to tell me that, please don’t be offended if I ask to see proof.) It doesn’t matter to me who sells your timeshare or if you sell it or who you sell it to. But it bothers and offends me when people “scam” my owners. Please, please, don’t pay someone up front to sell your timeshare. Now, I do have to make a VERY MINOR exception to my rule. If you’re listing your timeshare in a classified ad that you yourself are taking out, such as in your local newspaper, or in Timesharing Today, that’s a different story. Think about it this way: If you were selling a car or a house, would you handle it this way? If not, then don’t do it with your timeshare, either.

UPDATE: The newest scam out there is people who will tell you they will “buy” your timeshare from you, if you just pay them a “small fee” (which can sometimes be several thousand dollars). Please. Really? If this is the point you’re at, please visit our GIVING UP? page first!!

Other information: Several years ago, ARDA-ROC published some VERY good articles on their website about resales. I have downloaded them and put them here just in case you can’t get to them from the link above.

Resale Advisory I: focuses on the types of timeshare resellers with four steps to guide consumers through the process:  utilizing existing resources, understanding timeshare resale companies, choosing the best option, and following basic rules.

Resale Advisory II: provides tools to evaluate resale companies with a list of tips.

Resale Advisory III: ARDA recently learned of a new scheme involving timeshare resales that not only preys upon consumers but falsely cites ARDA as a reference. ARDA does not contract with, become involved with, authorize, or endorse any company’s resales activities.

Resale Advisory IV: As part ARDA’s effort to provide consumers with guidance about the secondary marketplace and useful tips about the resale process, this advisory is to make consumers aware of two deceptive resale solicitations that target timeshare owners.

Resale Advisory V: ARDA has become aware of a deceptive solicitation practice, commonly referred to as transfer or repurchase solicitations, being used by some unethical transfer companies aimed at timeshare owners.

If this isn’t enough for you, please type the phrase “timeshare scams” into your search engine of choice. We are sure you will find plenty of scary reading.