Things you might try to sell your timeshare:

  • Contact a realtor in your area and ask if they have a timeshare division. Many realtors do nowadays, and will list a week for sale as long as your account is in good standing with the Association.
  • Check your local phone book or on the internet for timeshare resale companies. (Do a search on your favorite Internet search engine for “timeshare resales” — just remember the cardinal rule when dealing with these companies. And if you don’t know the cardinal rule, please visit our “NEVER DO THIS” page.)
  • Place a classified ad in a local or national publication, such as your local newspaper or a magazine such as Timesharing Today. There are also “classifieds” pages online that are inexpensive or free. (Note: I would suggest making a list of places that you post these ads online, so you can ask to have them removed after your unit/week has sold.)
  • List your unit/week on one of the many auction websites available on the Internet. (Note: Please read the auction rules carefully, especially as they apply to real estate – not all auction sites require sellers to sell real estate for the closing bid price. Make sure you know what kind of listing you’re making, so that you know if the final closing price is in fact a binding price – this may work for or against you, depending on the final bid.)
  • While you are trying other avenues, feel free to “list” your week in our “Owner-To-Owner Resales” system. This is the equivalent of a “bulletin board”, where current Canada House owners can express their interest in buying or selling Canada House unit/weeks. The form is available here in .pdf format or we can send it to you by postal mail or fax. We do not recommend using this as your only venue for attempting to sell your unit/week, but we believe it’s a great “back-up plan”. It’s also free. :o)
  • We now have a Closed (Private) Facebook Group where owners can offer their unit/weeks for sale or rent to other owners. The Association administers this group, but does not moderate it, and does not have any responsibility for posts or transactions that may result from those posts. Please use your good judgment when buying/renting/selling in this group.

The Better Business Bureau also has some great information about timeshare resales on their website at this link.