Sneak Preview

Since your intrepid webmistress has not yet had the opportunity to take pictures of all the different room types to update the main picture pages, we’ve decided to post a few pictures here as a sneak preview. Although this isn’t a complete set of pictures of every room, this will at least show you what we did during maintenance weeks this year. (Note that the new throw pillows are not shown in these pictures, as they were not yet ready when the pictures were taken!)

New dining tables & chairs
New curtains or blinds at every window
New artwork
New lamps with outlets (some also have USB ports)
New throw pillows on sofas (the final missing piece)
Reupholstered bedroom chairs
New bed scarves & bolster pillows
New coffee and end tables in west side efficiencies

These are not “official” pictures. They will not be uploaded anywhere else, and we ask that no one save and share them. As soon as we have “official” pictures, we will post a notice here with a link back to the Pictures page. Please note that there are pictures here from two different room types, to give you an idea of the different artwork.

Again, this is just to give you an idea of what the rooms look like… They are all decorated in a similar style. And I promise I will have the official pictures pages back up just as soon as I can after my return!