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Please read the following important information before continuing!!!

Canada House Beach Club is made up of two Associations. Because of that, we have separate bank accounts for each Association. We also have separate Merchant Accounts that we use to process credit cards.

Why does this matter to you?

If you have only one unit/week at Canada House, or if all the unit/weeks you own are in the same Association (same side of the street), it doesn't matter to you. You may scroll down to the list of units to find your unit(s), and click on the appropriate link to go to the payment screen.

If you have unit/weeks in BOTH Associations, please continue reading!

Payments for different Associations MUST be made separately!!!!

If you combine payments for both Associations, we will have to correct the error in our office. What this means for you is:

  • Your payments will not be posted until the error has been corrected.
  • Posting payments that were entered correctly will take precedence over correcting your error.
  • Therefore, your payments will be posted WHEN WE HAVE TIME TO CORRECT THE ERROR – which may not even be the same day. This may delay your RCI banking or even cause you to be subject to interest and late fees – which may very well defeat your purpose for paying online!

So if you own unit/weeks on both sides of the street, please make sure that you make your payments for each Association separately!

Please note also that if you make your payment to the WRONG association (e.g.: make payments for West units on the East side) and we are unable to cancel the payment before it processes, there will be a $25 administrative fee charged to your account. This amount will have to be paid before you will be able to occupy, rent, bank, or otherwise use your unit/week!


The following units are in the EAST Association:

0101    0102    0103    0104    0105    0106    0107    0108    0109

0201    0202    0203    0204    0205    0206    0207
0208    0209    0210    0211    0212    0214

0301    0302    0303    0304    0305    0306    0307
0308    0309    0310    0311    0312    0314

0408    409A    409B    0410    0411    0412    0414

0508    509A    509B    0510    0511    512A    512B    0514

0608    0609    0610    0611    612A    612B    0614

For EAST Association payments, please click HERE.


The following units are in the WEST Association:

1001    1002  1003  1004  1005  1006  1007  1008
1009    1010  1011  1012  1014  1015  1016

2001    2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008
2009    2010  2011  2012  2014  2015  2016

3001    3002  3003  3004  3005

For WEST Association payments, please click HERE.


Need help?

If you do not know your unit number, please look at your invoice. On the right side, near the top, just below the date, you will see your unit/week number in a format that will look something like one of the following examples:

1001/01                 0410/16                 509A/22

The first number (four digits or four digits plus a letter) is the unit number. This is the number that should be used to determine which Merchant Account you will use to process your payments. The second number (two digits after the / (slash) mark) is your week number, and has no bearing on which Merchant Account you’ll use. (You will, however, need to know the week number in order to process the payment.)


If you still do not know your unit and week number, or if you have questions about online payments (including which Merchant Account to use), or anything else having to do with your account, please email us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible! :o)

Thank you for helping us to do a good job for you!

Click here to contact us.
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