Pay Your Bill

You are responsible for making sure that you use the correct link to pay your fees to the correct Association. If you make a payment to the wrong Association, you will be charged a $25 administrative fee to correct your mistake.

Note: If you own unit/weeks in both Associations, you must pay them separately. However, multiple weeks in the same Association can be paid with one transaction.

In order to go to the correct payment page, please click on your unit number below. The simplest way to find your unit number is to press CTRL+F on your keyboard and type in your unit number and press ENTER. Your browser will then take you to that unit number. (If your unit number happens to be one of the ones we used as an example, just press ENTER again and you will go to the next one on the page.)

  IN ORDER TO AVOID ERRORS, please note the following: On the next page, you will be asked to put in the dollar amount you are paying. DO NOT USE A DOLLAR SIGN ($). If you do, you will receive an error. Also, on the following page, please make sure that your country is indicated as a two-letter code (e.g.: US, CA, etc.) rather than being spelled out. If your browser enters your information for you, and fills out the entire country name, you will receive an error.

EAST Association

NOTE: We have had some owners who are confused because their bill shows a “leading 0” (example: 0312) and they couldn’t find that unit on the list because we listed “312”. So we have chosen to include both versions of the unit numbers. Unit “101” and unit “0101” are the same, and clicking either one will take you to the correct payment page.

101 (0101)   102 (0102)   103 (0103)
104 (0104)  105 (0105)   106 (0106)
107 (0107)   108 (0108)   109 (0109)

201 (0201)  202 (0202)  203 (0203)
204 (0204) 205 (0205)  206 (0206)
207 (0207)  208 (0208)  209 (0209)
210 (0210)  211 (0211)  212 (0212)
214 (0214)

301 (0301)   302 (0302)  303 (0303)
304 (0304)  305 (0305)  306 (0306)
307 (0307)  308 (0308)  309 (0309)
310 (0310)   311 (0311)  312 (0312)
314 (0314)

408 (0408)  409A (0409A)  409B (0409B)
410 (0410)  411 (0411)  412 (0412)  414 (0414)

508 (0508)  509A (0509A)  509B (0509B)
510 (0510)  511 (0511)  512A (0512A)
512B (0512B)  514 (0514)

WEST Association

1001   1002   1003  1004   1005   1006   1007
1008   1009   1010   1011   1012   1014   1015  1016

2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007
2008  2009  2010  2011  2012  2014  2015  2016

3001  3002  3003  3004  3005

If you do not know your unit number, please look at your invoice. On the right side, near the top, just below the date, you will see your unit/week number in a format that will look something like one of the following examples:
1001/01       0410/16       0509A/22

Still need help? Please feel free to email us! If you wish to pay with a credit/debit card but prefer not to do it here, you may click here to get the form. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS ARE DONE ONLINE – EVEN THOSE PROCESSED IN THE OFFICE! Credit card forms may be returned by mail or by fax, but we cannot accept attachments by email. Please note that the fax number used for credit card payments (954/784-6287) goes to a secure office with limited access, so your information is safe.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Recent changes to Florida law allow for the use of a more cost effective and efficient way to foreclose on weeks where the owners have not paid their assessments. If a timeshare owner fails to make timely payments of timeshare plan common expenses, ad valorem taxes, or special assessments, an assessment lien against the timeshare owner’s timeshare interest may be foreclosed in accordance with a judicial foreclosure procedure or a trustee foreclosure procedure, either of which may result in the loss of the timeshare owner’s timeshare interest. If the managing entity initiates a trustee foreclosure procedure, the timeshare owner shall have the option to object pursuant to Florida law, and in such event the managing entity may thereafter proceed only by filing a judicial foreclosure action.