Ownership Q&A

Your Information

This section has to do with the information we have for your account (name, address, telephone number, etc.)

Q. I own my unit/week with someone else, but one of the names isn’t showing up on some of our correspondence from you! Why not?
A. Do you share the same last name with your co-owner? If not, that may why one of the names doesn’t show up. See, our system lets us put two owner names in on two different lines, but the second line doesn’t always show up on the print-outs (yes, we’re STILL trying to get that fixed).
So if the unit/week is owned by John and Mary Smith, then the account reads:
Smith, John & Mary
But if the unit/week belongs to John Smith and Mary Jones, it’s more like this:
Smith, John
Jones, Mary
When the system reads the names, it sometimes only reads the first line, so when that happens, only the first name on the account shows up.
If you are the second name on the account, but you’re the one getting the mail, and it’s confusing your letter carrier, please let us know, and we’ll reverse the names so your mail arrives timely.

Q. I own my timeshare with someone else, but that person no longer has anything to do with the unit/week. Can you please take his/her name off of the account?
A. In order to change our records as to ownership, we need to see that change made in the Public Records first. Please visit our section on Title Changes for information on how to make those changes.

Q. How do I change my address?
A. You can call the resort or send an email, or you can visit the Update Address page here on the website and enter it there. If you make your change by email or by using the online form, you will receive an email from us when your information has been updated.

Q. I changed my address with RCI. Didn’t they give it to you?
A. NO!!! And thank you for asking! I truly wish that timeshare sales people would make this clear when they sell the unit/weeks, but they don’t… the developer (i.e.: mortgage holder), the exchange company (e.g.: RCI), and the Association (in this case, Canada House) are three different entities. Please, PLEASE, be sure to change your contact information with all those with whom you have a relationship!! (In other words, you obviously don’t have to change your address with the developer if you don’t have a mortgage — but you still have to change it with both RCI and the Association. Likewise, you don’t have to notify RCI if you don’t have an RCI account, but you still have to notify the Association and your mortgage holder if you have one.) On a similar note, changing your address in Oömbaga will not change your address on file with us, so please do let us know when you make changes there. (We are working on getting that fixed!)

We would rather have you tell us twice that your address has changed, than not at all. Better safe than sorry!