Nightly Rental Rates

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Rental Rates 120515

Generally, the week numbers fall as follows:

Weeks 1-3: January

Weeks 4-13: February & March

Weeks 14-17: April

Weeks 18-23: May and the first half of June

Weeks 24-33: Mid-June to Mid-August

Weeks 34-44: Mid-August through October

Weeks 45-50: November and the first half of December

Weeks 51-53: Last two weeks of December
(last three weeks, if there is a 53rd week)

If you are an owner, and would like to make your unit available for rent, please fill out the rental agreement, which you will find here, and mail or fax it to us. We are unable to guarantee that your unit will rent, and always recommend that placing your unit up for rent through the Association be your last choice of how to use your unit.