General Unit Information

We have units ranging in size from small efficiencies to two-bedroom, two-bath units. They sleep anywhere from four to eight people, and the maintenance for each unit/week is based on the budget for the Association, as well as on number of square feet in the unit.

All units that have four numbers (no letters) are on the West side of the street. (By “street” I mean a two lane road that runs along the beach and is usually only busy after one of the Intracoastal bridges goes down. There is a crosswalk between our two buildings.)   Units that have three numbers, or three numbers plus a letter (e.g.: 409A), are located on the East side of the street. Units ending in 01-07 face the pool, and units ending in 08-14 (including A & B units) face the ocean. The first floor is an exception to this, in that units ending in 01-05 face the pool and 06-09 face the lagoon. Visibility of the beach is restricted on the first floor, and somewhat limited on the second floor, due to the foliage on the beach, which we are prohibited by law from cutting down.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anywhere you see the word “efficiency” you can also substitute the word “studio”. For those who haven’t heard of an “efficiency apartment” or “studio apartment”, Webster’s defines them this way (emphasis added):

efficiency apartment


a small apartment consisting typically of a combined living room and bedroom area, a bathroom, and a kitchenette.

studio apartment


an apartment consisting of one main room, a kitchen or kitchenette, and a bathroom. Compare “efficiency apartment”.

Please read the following information about unit assignments:

All of our unit/weeks are sold out. This means that each unit in each week is owned by an owner, who has the right to do with that unit what s/he wishes. If the owner deposits that unit/week with an exchange company, it is the exchange company that assigns it to the guest who exchanges into the Resort.

According to the rules dictated by the exchange companies, the Resort has the right to change a unit assignment as long as the new unit sleeps at least as many people as the old unit. This works in favor of the Resort in one small way, because it means that if we have a guest coming in to one unit for one week, and a different unit of the same type for a consecutive week, we can change that guest’s unit assignment to keep him from having to move on Saturday. It also means that we can sometimes change unit assignments so that early arrivals can get into their units sooner than they otherwise might be able to.

Technically, this also means that we could move someone from an oceanfront efficiency (sleeps 4) to a West side 2-bedroom unit (sleeps 8). Needless to say, though, this isn’t something we would do except in the case of an extreme emergency.

Now, if an owner does not deposit his week with an exchange company, he may put it up for rent. The only way someone can stay in that unit is to pay the full rental rate for it – because if someone uses the unit, the owner is entitled to the money.

Of course, some owners don’t deposit their units OR put them up for rent. This means those owners have the right to come stay in their units. They may not ever come check in. They may stay home and let the unit sit empty. But it’s still the owner’s unit, and we still have to honor that — even if he never shows up.

So we’ve established that an exchange guest can’t be moved to an owner’s unit. The next question will always be “why can’t you put me in a different exchange unit?” Before I answer that, let me first say that I take offense at being told that there are “better” units and “worse” units. My staff and I go to great effort to make sure that ALL of our units are fabulous! But some people can ALWAYS find a reason to be unhappy. Some people don’t like that their unit doesn’t face the ocean, or that it’s not on the beach side of the street. Others aren’t happy if the unit isn’t on a high (or low!) floor. Some want a bedroom unit instead of an efficiency, or insist that they MUST have two bathrooms. And I understand that people want what they want. But that’s why we go to great lengths to do everything we can to ensure that people know what they’re getting before they come here.

So. Back to the point. The question was, “Why can’t you put me in a different exchange unit?” The answer is simple. As disappointed as you may be to find out that your unit isn’t what you had hoped for, just imagine how upset you’d be if you WERE assigned to a unit that you considered to be perfect, but when you arrived, we told you that we changed your unit assignment so that someone else could have a “better” unit.

First of all, that would not be fair to the guest who actually WAS assigned to that “better” unit. Second, I would be a little afraid that, upon being given that information, the guest in question might just come over the counter. And I like my desk clerks better than that.

All this I say because I know there are people who visit this site before they come to visit us in person, and because I’m hoping that even a few people will read this and understand that we have no control over where your exchange company puts you. Coming to the Front Desk and screaming at me and/or my desk clerks isn’t going to make us move you to a “better” room. What would help even more is if you would realize that your vacation isn’t going to be “ruined” because you had to walk a few extra feet to get to the beach, or because you didn’t get to ride the elevator quite as long as you wanted to on your way to your room, or whatever else it is that gets on your nerves. Your vacation is going to be ruined by your attitude if you let something like that bother you. All of our rooms are very beautiful, and we take care of them all the same way. When we do upgrades, we do it for all the units – starting with the ones that need it most, regardless of their location.

If I could tear down this entire property and re-design it, I’d love to. I have a beautiful design in mind that would give every unit a bedroom and a view of the ocean. But the property we have is what’s here, and it’s probably going to be here for a while. There are a LOT of people who have come here and had a really wonderful time, regardless of where they were staying. But there are also people who’ve been miserable here regardless of where they were staying, too. And it all comes down to ATTITUDE. Please plan to be one of those people who’s happy here no matter where you’re staying. And since most guests already have their unit assignments before they arrive, I would suggest that you look on the list of units, find your unit number, and be prepared for the type and location of the room you’ve been assigned to. And if you can’t prepare yourself and plan to have a wonderful vacation here – in whatever unit you have – perhaps you should consider calling your exchange company and asking them if there’s someplace else you could stay that you would enjoy more.