Thinking of Visiting Us?

Note for guests considering exchanging in to our resort: Thank you for “checking us out” before committing to spending your vacation here. We want our guests to be happy here, and we believe that a big part of that includes your knowing what to expect when you arrive. We hope that you will take the time to read this section.

We are an RCI SILVER CROWN RESORT. Please note that this is not the same as a Gold Crown Resort. Our understanding is that “Gold Crown” is equivalent to “Five Star”, and “Silver Crown” is equivalent to “Four Star”. If you have received information somewhere that we are “Gold Crown” or “Five Star”, you have been misinformed. We are proud of our Silver Crown/Four Star status, but we make no pretenses about the fact that we are NOT Gold Crown/Five Star. Please keep this in mind when making your reservations here.

In addition to the above, we hope that you will read any and all information in this section (as well as the rest of our site). In particular, though, we’d love it if you’d pay particular attention to the information on the Unit Types and Unit Info pages.



As to general information about the resort…

The Canada House Beach Club is a timeshare condominium located in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida. Our property comprises three buildings with a total of 92 units. There are 51 available weeks in each unit, because one week of each unit is reserved for a maintenance week. We have 57 units on the East side, for a total of 2,907 unit/weeks, and 35 units on the West side, for a total of 1,785 unit/weeks, making a grand total of 92 units and 4,692 unit/weeks. And we are considered a small resort.

We are sold out. At any given time, the Association has unit/weeks that we have taken back and will give to the Successor Developer. The Successor Developer also usually has a handful of unit/weeks that they either got from us, or took back from a previous owner. So it IS usually possible to buy a unit/week from the Developer, but there’s not always necessarily going to be the exact unit and week that you want. If you are interested in buying additional unit/weeks, you may want to check our section on Resales, and consider buying from another owner.

Since I’m all gung-ho on telling you all the details about Canada House, here’s some more useless trivia:

Prior to being Canada House, the two properties were hotels. Both of the buildings (East and West) were built in 1965. (For the record, buildings this old frequently present serious challenges when it comes to maintenance. Fortunately, we have a great staff that is becoming more proficient each day with dealing with these challenges!) The East side was always called Canada House, but the West side used to be a separate property called the Holiday Royal hotel. Both properties were taken over by a company called EWO, who turned them into the timeshare units. The East side was platted as timeshare in 1981, and the West in 1983. We’ve had a couple of successor developers since EWO, and our current successor developer is Shoreline Resorts, a subsidiary of The Berkley Group. We are managed by Daily Management, who also has other resorts located throughout the country (see the Resorts page on their website for a list). Our Board of Directors is headed by Virginia (“Ginny”) Lonow, who took over as President in 1997 when her husband Dan had to step down due to health problems.

We have fully funded reserves, which means the likelihood of a special assessment is very low, and as the President of our Board of Directors owns 10 unit/weeks here at Canada House herself, she has a vested interest in keeping the property up to par while keeping the maintenance reasonable.

If this doesn’t tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Canada House, please feel free to email us!

If you have verifiable information about either property (including pictures), we love to hear the stories and see the pictures!