Quick Check-In

What is Quick Check-In?

There is a lot of information packed into this little page, so please take a moment to read it before submitting the form below.

Quick check-in is a way of pre-registering for your arrival here at Canada House to save you time spent in the office on the day of your arrival. It’s our way of helping you get your vacation started a little bit quicker!

By submitting the information below prior to your arrival, you allow us to enter your information in the computer during our slower times, prepare your check-in packet for you, and make your keys. This will allow you to begin your vacation right away!

You will not receive a reply after sending this form, but if the information is received prior to 5PM on the Friday before your arrival, your “quick check-in” packet will be prepared for you on Saturday morning before you arrive.

When you arrive at the resort, please tell the Clerk on duty that you have completed a Quick Check-In. You will need to have a government-issued photo ID and a credit card (for security deposit) in hand. If you are not able to send your vehicle information ahead of time (for example, if you are renting a car when you arrive), you will need that, also.

Please note that Quick Check-In is NOT like a “FastPass”. You’ll still have to wait your turn when you arrive. BUT, when it IS your turn, things will go much more quickly and smoothly! Not to mention… the more guests we have who do Quick Check-In, the faster the check-in process will go for everyone!

Also please note that telling us your arrival time helps us schedule housekeeping. It does not guarantee that your room will be ready prior to 4PM. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but please remember that there are many variables that affect room readiness (the time the previous guest checks out and how dirty the room was left, how many rooms we have to clean, maintenance issues, etc.). We do our best to have rooms ready by the requested times.

If you have multiple rooms, you may submit one form for all of your units that are reserved in the same exact name. When listing guest names, please separate them by which room they’ll be staying in (if you know). The number of keys you request will be the number of keys we make for EACH ROOM (unless you give us alternate instructions in the last section).

If you have any questions about Quick Check-In, or anything else about the Resort or your upcoming stay, please feel free to contact us.