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As long as the forecast calls for Erika to make landfall in Florida as a Tropical Storm or a Tropical Depression, we will remain open and available for guests to check in and stay with us. Of course, as with all storms, there is the possibility we may lose power, which could affect our guests and perhaps even result in an evacuation. We have made arrangements with our sister resort in Weston FL for our guests to stay there if they choose to be farther from the beach, at a discounted rate.

Our staff is preparing the property for high winds by moving patio and pool furniture, as well as other items that could be projectiles, inside. As soon as the storm has passed, we will put everything back and our guests will be able to enjoy the remainder of their vacations.

Please keep an eye on Erika at the National Hurricane Center website:

This page will not be updated unless there is an increase in the expected severity of the storm when it makes landfall in Florida.

8/28/15 6PM